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  • How many companies do people usually meet with? 1? 3? 6? More?

asked Sep 16, 2013 by anonymous (140 points)

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  • Some candidates go to the events with the intent on meeting with just one company, but then realize there are some other great companies to choose from.  Some candiadtes meet with every single company that attends the event.  HireLive averages 14-16 companies per event, but I would say the average candidate meets with 5-6 companies per event.

    answered Sep 23, 2013 by anonymous (500 points)

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  • Last time I went to the Pasadena event (Los Angeles for those of you not from Southern Californa), I really only intended on meeting with Ricoh. But when I got there, I was able to meet with 5 different companies.

    Even if you only want to meet with 1 specific company, I think you should meet with more. Maybe even meet first with a company you don't know that well to get your nerves out and get some "practice" in before you meet with who you have your eyes set on.

    answered Sep 16, 2013 by anonymous (440 points)